Procedure for E-Filling of TDS Return

Electronic statements (e-TDS/TCS/AIR) can be uploaded online to the TIN central system only for those TANs who have been associated with the organisation and duly authorised by NSDL.

After preparation of the electronic statement, entities have to verify the electronic statement through the latest version of File Validation Utility (FVU)provided by NSDL which can be freely downloaded from this link. After successful validation by FVU utility, generated file can be uploaded online. It should be noted that the length of the filename should not be more than eight characters.

  • First of all user need to login to the TIN central system by signing with the DSC associated with it.
  • After successful login the user will have to select “File Upload Option” from the main menu and upload the file generated after successful validation thorough File Validation Utility (FLU). At this stage Digital Signature needs to be affixed.
  • On successful authentication the electronic statement will be uploaded and a File Reference Number will be generated.
  • In case of a valid electronic statement upload, payment is to be made based on the deductee records in the electronic statement
  • In case of an accepted electronic statement a Provisional Receipt will be generated which will contain a Provisional Receipt Number and will also indicate count of missing/invalid PANs. The deductor can view/print the Provisional Receipt.

Entities using the online upload of electronic statements facility need not to submit Form 27A, CD/floppy for accepted electronic statements to TIN-FC or NSDL. In case the entity is not able to upload its electronic statement using the online upload of electronic statement facility, it may submit the same at any of the TIN-FCs.

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